How Does the Brain Influence our Personal Interest?

Where the Idea Began? 

Beginning with this project, it was difficult for me to hone in on one idea. After the process of brainstorming and reading through the small ideas I was able to find something I can relate to. The idea of finding of how our personal interests was quite intriguing due to the fact that there isn't much information towards it. What really causes our personal interest to shine through us? Questions began to swirl in my mind of the causes. Thinking back, I remembered a theory that seemed to have not been solved. Yes, some suspicions were cleared by medical professionals and psychologists, but there was an idea that seemed to have never gone away. The theory between the Left and Right brain isolated most of the general population in believing that you are either Left Brained or Right Brained. 

What is the Left and Right Brained Theory? 

The population around the world discovered this theory through the eyes of many researchers who believed that the two hemispheres were different from one another. Building off that one idea, it sprang from being just a research project to it becoming an experiment. Online, there are many popular links that created these quizzes for you to take if you are either Left or Right Brained. Apparently, according to the sources, if you are Left Brained you contained these attributes: language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning. If you are Right Brained you contained these attributes: recognizing faces, expressing emotions, music, reading emotions, color, images, intuition, and creativity. But what if you are not either of these sides?? What if you were both? The flaw with this theory that I discovered was that both parts of the hemispheres contribute in assisting each other. If one side of the brain shuts down, then the other side will miss an ability that the one hemisphere had. Both sides work together in receiving strong results and to assist each other in functioning their abilities.

Why is this Important?

The theory between the both left and right side of the brain contributes to the main reason why our own personal interests react the way they do. Of course, there are other ideas that help contribute to this idea. For now, let's focus on our prior notes to explain. Yes, the brain must have the hemispheres working together in order to achieve our current thinking and the way we do things. Ever since we were born, we began to learn the different ways of concepts and figured out what we use best. Being visually strong or having the ability to listen better assists to the main idea of what we use best. With the theory hanging around us, it brings perspective to what we truly like as an individual. According to sources, the theory of the left and right brain began with a man who goes by Roger W. Sperry who won a Nobel Prize for studying the effects of epilepsy. When he commenced his experiment on the brain, he found that removing one of the hemispheres caused a discord in the brain. One cannot work without the other. In conclusion, they ruled this experiment out. What I found interesting is, even though the brain cannot function properly without the other half, the left brain is the dominant one. Yes, both sides are equally important but with the left side it contains most of our usage. Knowing how crucial this is to our main reason, the importance of this idea can now reach to our minds and have a deeper understanding of our awareness. Mainly our likes and dislikes. 


The two hemispheres play an important where they adapt how we learn best. Because of this, we cannot have the two separated. Learning the concept behind how the theory changed the perspective of the people, we see how in reality that they worked together doesn't define which side you truly are. In the end, we figured out that even though the theory is debunked, it's our environments and what we truly think is geared more towards our personal interest. I wished to have found a solution to guide this topic into glory except I kept running into more and more theories that we cannot solve quite yet. It was quite intriguing to at least follow theory that seems to dominate our way of thinking. 

Right Brained:
All the attributes that are used. Being Right Brained means you are quite creative and think outside the box.

Left Brained:
All the attributes that are used. Typically it means you are more logically in your approach.


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